7 Day to ACT

The MAP (Massive Action Plan)

How to draw a MAP, why to draw a MAP.

7 Days to ACT: Day 3 - Staging Area

Scene: The Hallway of the Ship, The Staging Area Character: Yourself, you, and Performers Experience: Connecting you and Yourself to the Experiences happening around you. Growing awareness of how you show up, how you want to show up, and how they show up. This experience reveals what you must do...

7 Days to ACT: Day 2 - Explore the Ship

Goal: practice perspective without judgement, hear yourself speak, have a beginning understanding of the Map creation and usage, ability to watch self throughout the 7 day cruise.

7 Days to ACT: Day 1 - Baggage Claim

Actions create Transformations, if you can agree to this statement then you should proceed with the following script that will get you a ticket aboard the Thrive Ship.