7 Days to ACT: Day 1 - Baggage Claim

If you can agree to this statement then you should proceed with the following script that will get you a ticket aboard the Thrive Ship.

Actions create Transformations

Your actions DO create your reality. You must become aware of how your thoughts, decisions, actions, have got you to this point, a place of discomfort or a feeling of misalignment.

If you feel like you have heavy baggage (past experiences and negative thoughts) to lug around, its time to check in. These limiting beliefs about yourself and others, is preventing you from taking ACTION in your life. To move forward and create transformation, you'll need to leave it behind.

You've arrived at the baggage claim, the attendant reaches out to you and says in a sincere voice,

"Welcome aboard, can I take your baggage for you?"

This gesture melts your fear, you wonder, is this is real, can I really let go of all this stuff?

Will you just hand over your baggage and not deal with it right now?

The attendant asks you, "Can you afford to be carrying all this luggage with you on your journey?"

How is it impacting your relationships?

What about your job?

What about your interactions with your kids?

What about your significant other?

The baggage claim invites you to begin creating how and who you want to be right NOW, by letting go of the past. The only way to get on this ship is to check your baggage before boarding.

The scene is this: you are boarding a ship, and must leave your limiting beliefs behind. Leaving all distractions, lies, and limiting beliefs behind, you can focus on creating a new character. This power to create will require you to take action in your life, to show up, the best you can, to every situation, interaction, and the stage of your Life. It time to take responsibility for your





Day 1

Make contract and sign 

  • what do you want from yourself and why
  • what are you willing to loose if you don't do it
  • what could you win if you do
  • sign your name and put on the mirror to see it everyday

    The motivation to move forward, into the unknown, must be greater than the pain of going back to the beginning. Make this contract for 7 days. Commit to doing the best you can, with as much wisdom as you have right now, to create Action Steps each moment, that build your future transformation. 

Write your baggage claim

  • all the stuff you need to release and get rid off
  • all the guilt, check in with your integrity to yourself and others
  • expectations
  • judgements
  • all the negative feelings that don't serve you
  • all the rotten statements that keep you stuck
  • the people who trigger you, and what they have to teach you


Once you hand over your baggage to the attendant, he hands you back a goodie bag. It's full of all the things you'll need for your trip. You look at some of them, unsure why they are in your bag. Until you understand what and how to use them, just keep them in the bag. As you get further into the cruise, you will start to understand why they are there.

The first thing you pull out is a new phone. Wiped clean, the only thing you can do with it is set alarms. Set alarms with your I AM statements that directly combat your fears. For example: you are afraid to grow through actions and transformation, your I AM statement would be I AM Courageous. They can be very simple statements or expanded on once you begin to understand and trust the power of your words.

Why is this phone in your bag?

You need to replace positive words of creation to fill the void from the negative statements you left at the baggage claim. If you do not fill this void, it will fill itself. So please take this ACTION seriously. You will need it later in the game, so practice it now. 

You've arrived at your cabin, on the ship. You have nothing in your hands except your phone, bag of goodies, and a piece of paper to write on. You go into the small cabin, its not extravagant by any means. There is only one bed there. At least you don't have to share a room. Sit down at the desk there and begin to write out your baggage claim.

  • Write down the things the baggage claim attendant is going to keep for you.
  • Write out your contract with yourself.

This week as you move out from your room, to explore this ship, and the cruise you are on, remember you cannot bring this baggage back into your cabin or risk getting kicked off the ship. Ship Mutiny. They will throw you overboard. So don't do it. Stick to the I AM creating statements and only listen to the scripts that you are writing.

You are now the producer of this show, and the main character, and the scene director, and the audience. It's all your show, your cruise ship to entertain.  

How are you going to show up?

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