7 Days to ACT: Day 2 - Explore the Ship

Scene: Your cabin room

Character: Yourself

Experience: awareness of your feelings and emotions towards Yourself


There is a knock on your cabin door, you spring out of bed, confused.

Where am I?

What am I doing here?

Then you remember that you boarded a ship, you were in your small room. Looking around you now see how the room has changed. Last night, the room seemed smaller, now there is a claw bathtub with person sitting across from you.

The person startled you, mostly because you thought you were alone, but also eerily, the person is you. An exact replicate of who you are right now. you approach yourself, observing how similar this person is to how you remember looking. 

The person cannot see or feel you approach, he/she is disconnected. The only way that you know that you are there, is when you began to talk to the Yourself in the bathtub. At first you startled Yourself, when you spoke. The replicate of you, became frightened, and could not be calmed by you touching or holding yourself. So you spoke words of peace to calm Yourself. The understanding that the voice was a gentle, caring, compassion person, began to calm Yourself.

Once the person was calmed down and used to your voice, you begin to guide the body to the table where you begin to draw your MAP. The first layer of the MAP is called the Grounding Level, you will need to fill in the four corners with the Emotions you feel each day this week. (hint: you can plan your emotions or let reactionary play for you)

You can plan your emotions out the day before, and see how well you stay inside the new feelings boundary.

How many times do you fall off your map this week?

If you let reactions write your emotional map, how does it look at the end of each day?

Without any instructions or hesitation you tell Yourself to write down how you would like to FEEL when you are on this MAP. 



That MAP serves as a communication tool between you (mental) and Yourself (physical). When Yourself (physical) gets lost in Reality, and cannot find the guidance, hear or see which way to go, the foundational four corners of the map are the anchors, "cheat codes" for you to remember and seek out these four totem feelings.

At this point in the journey, you probably have chosen either consciously or unconsciously how you would like to feel each day. Day after day you see, think and then feel the same way. This same way makes you feel tired, drained, hopeless, pathetic, failing, etc you know the feelings of Negativity. Since you are drawing your own MAP of your own experience, you must learn how to choose what you want to feel, and know why you want to feel that way.

A spiritual way would make a good case for you choosing to feel; joyful, peaceful, loving, and grateful, a MAP with this type of foundation creates a different experience inside the Game and in Reality. As you would imagine, creating a MAP anchored in accumulation, safety, power, and selfishness, would create the Reality of Capitalism, the game most of us are currently participating in. Alternatively, the reactionaries never have a plan, they always over react.

Are you sick with playing this Game? What if it is the only game you knew how to play? 

Here is a chance to spend some time with yourself in the cabin. Spend some time drawing out this map. Draw the totem poles in the four corners and ground each feeling you want to lead your life MAP. Get to know Yourself and how to communicate what it is that you truly would like to feel in your new game, and why you would like to feel this way. It is important to draw this MAP, for real, so you can remember to choose these new ways to feel.

When you get lost, and no longer feel good or in accordance of life inside your totem poles, you can take a quick look at you MAP, check in with how you want to feel vs. how you are feeling (opposite). There is no need for judgement of the discrepancy, if and when you fall off your newly drawn MAP, you need to quickly, get back on, and get back to playing on the MAP.



The cell phone breaks the silence, and its is not an I AM statement. The message recorded is one that you read, "Prepare Yourself, get ready, get Yourself to the staging area, the show is about to Begin!"

you look down to realize, you do not even exist. you cannot get ready, you have to get Yourself ready to leave this space. you hit Snooze.

you begin speaking to Yourself, preparing what you think the physical appearance should look like. What will make up your first character you present to the ship people. This is the person you want people to meet at this first stage. you proceed to take Yourself through a few different outfits as well as try on a couple personalities. What would have been easier is play the characters you used to play, but they seemed so distance, like they are locked away.

Suddenly, the baggage claim paper levitates of the desk where you wrote last night. The paper floats around in the air until it vanishes with a pop, the noise scared Yourself. The worried look on Yourself's face begins to make you feel uncomfortable. The phone rings again, a message from you, it reads: I am a powerful co-creator who embraces the universe and the magic that surrounds me each day. you rehearse the statement to Yourself, until there was a calming peace that produces a trustworthy and safe feeling again.

This is it, this is the outfit that will work.

What does it look like?

How does Yourself look? 

Confident and ready. you tell Yourself to open the door and explore. The long hallways, lined with other doors, all closed, this endless maze made Yourself change it's look to hopeless.

Where to go?

you whisper instinctually, outside of the room, your voice was muffled, not as strong or auditory. Both you and Yourself noticed this change in volume. 

Yourself instead of becoming disabled by fear, thinks, ok, where do we go?

Pay Attention.

you notice a sign a few doors down, it reads, "Lecture hall 2 days that way, Stage 1 day this way, your room number is right here, right now"

Yourself became confused and paralyzed by the confusing sign. 

you remember that your phone told you to go to the stage, so you steer Yourself this way knowing exactly how long it would take, but you left out how long to walk as to save Yourself the struggle with the challenge of encountering patience.

Walk this way for an entire day

  • Observe Yourself
  • receive feedback from Yourself about how you feel
  • what you are thinking?
  • Practice, get in very good communication with Yourself.
  • Trust what is reported back to you from your Physical Self.
  • Be very clear and concise with Yourself.
  • Your communication has spotty reception outside of the cabin room, so really tune into Where and Who you are feeling besides Yourself.
  • Practice building this power up Now. (where am I now, who am I now, what am I doing now)
  • Continue reading the I AM message to comfort Yourself.
  • Release control, Don't worry Yourself about how long the journey will take.
  • Prepare, think ahead about who you will tell Yourself to be when you reach the staging area.
  • Start to accept the magic (messages that come from outside you), do not let it startle Yourself.
  • Keep up the gratitude challenge. 
  • Did you bring your MAP?

Goal: practice perspective without judgement, hear yourself speak, ability to watch self throughout the 7 day cruise


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