7 Days to ACT: Day 3 - Staging Area

Scene: The Hallway of the Ship, The Staging Area

Character: Yourself, you, and Performers

Experience: Connecting you and Yourself to the Experiences happening around you. Growing awareness of how you show up, how you want to show up, and how they show up. This experience reveals what you must do to learn and grow from who you are now, to who you want to be in the future. 

 you are guiding Yourself to walk down the hallway towards the staging area. 

  • what feelings did you notice yesterday while walking this path?
  • What emotions and physical sensation did Yourself feedback to you about the journey?
  • How did you handle Yourself's anxiety's and fears? Did you handle them with the tools? Did your I AM statements work their magic?
  • Did you run into anyone in the hallway that distracted Yourself from the direction you decided to go?

Please take the time to consider your state about moving forward because you and Yourself have arrived at the staging area door. 

 Going through the door into the staging area, you notice five rock stars, familiar looking rockstars wearing painted Masks getting ready for their performance. They are doing sound checks, mic checks, talking amongst each other and getting ready. You cannot see their faces, but they are a familiar band you know you've seen before. 

You've never been this close to performers before. The show is about to start and you are right there with them.

you notice Yourself in the front row right next to the sound system. The show begins, Yourself looks back at the crowd and their mesmerized state. The rock stars sing and project their energy and passion. The sound system makes Yourself uncomfortable. It's time to leave, the show doesn't feel real. There is something more important calling you to do. you speak up as loud as you can, to get Yourself standing up and moving out of the audience. 

Back into the hallway, you close the door behind you. The show is still going on, on the other side of the door. Yourself can hear you again. Back into the hallway, you watch Yourself walk. 

What was the purpose of this detour? 

Why did we need to go to the staging area?

How come you didn't want to stay and watch the show?

Instead of walking for a day, your room appears right in front of Yourself.

Right now, the door opens for you to go in, and process the experience of the Masked Performers. 

you guide Yourself to sit down at the desk and begin writing on your MAP. The MAP that you started on the first day, now seems empty. There is more room and clarity about your readiness for the Stage. 

The Masked Performers knew who they were going to be when the curtain pulled. you and Yourself were unsure of what place to be in. The performer or the audience. The difference between yourself and the Masked Performers, are they are masters of their actions and performance. They know who they are, how to be, and the actions required to be in alignment with who and how they have showed up with clarity and confidence. 

Here, Now, is when you begin to dive creating your MAP with more detail.

While the signs are important to pay attention to when they pop up, the guidance MAP created by you will show Yourself the way.

The MAP is your Massive Action Plan. Instead of letting the ship's system telling you which way to go, you decide where you want to go by envisioning who you want to be, and what you need to do to get Yourself there. 

The way you see the MAP and begin translating to Yourself fails. Yourself draws with such carelessness because of your spotty connection and misinterpretation. The frustration drives you insane, until Yourself breaks down and cries with disappointment and hopelessness.

you realize that the expectations you set for Yourself may be a little too high for Yourself to handle right now. With a more gentle and patient attitude you begin to talk to Yourself again, with a little more compassion and less expectation. you ask Yourself to dream, and imagine the most joyful, peaceful image in the future. Yourself starts to feel this place. The drawing begins to look a lot more clear, the writing is getting better, less vague. 

Interestingly, as Yourself is drawing the map, you begin communicating what you see Yourself drawing. Yourself begins drawing and writing without listening to you. This amazing shift allows the both of you to co-create together a vision that serves both the internal and external realities. 

Now you have a MAP that bridges both realities, internal and external wants, desires, beliefs and actions. There you find all aspects of a fulfilled life: 

  • Spiritual
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Health
  • Relationships/Family
  • Business
  • Finance

 For the experience of being alive, refer to the interior road MAP.


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