Introduction: 7 Days to ACT

The mission of the ACT challenge is to lay a foundation of positive energy. To establish a self-empowered foundation of knowledge and awareness of yourself (emotions and feelings),taking personal responsibility and care to control/create positive desired outcomes, while envisioning a passionate purpose inspired in life. 

This challenge can be embarked on as many times as needed. Often times, more than one experience with the ACT is highly recommended. However you ended up finding this challenge, know, that it is meant to impact you. Once you figure out, how to manipulate the impact of this challenge on you, you will be ready to undergo and understand even greater games and challenges within the ARKEO1 game. 

Appreciation and honoring of these following disciplines will ensure light travels during the game. Make sure these disciplines are established and strengthened before applying to play the game. 

  1. The Road Daily commitment to 10 or more gratitudes for 7 days straight, post the "yellow brick road" in your social media, after the 7 days combine all the completed lists into one video for review. Feel the power of a week's worth of acknowledgment and awareness of gratitude. Each day is one brick laid in the yellow brick road, the longer you play the game, the farther back you can trace your steps to see where you were, when you were grateful for which things. Screen shot this form and save

    The benefits of Gratitude

  2.  Ammo for the Fight At some point during your baggage claim, you will become aware of specific limiting beliefs systems you currently have running rampant in your head space. These beliefs need to be captured and put in a suitcase for traveling purposes. When you pull a negative belief out, it must be replaced by a positive one, otherwise you will find the voided space suck in beliefs that may or may not serve you, so take the easy path, set phone reminders to gently nudge you to become aware of positive I AM statements that counter act the previously trodden negative paths of thinking. Remove. Replace. Confront the Evil that most people Refuse to Acknowledge. Train your Mind. 

  3. The Map - Drawing a MAP is a very important step in understanding who you are, where you are at, what you desire, and how to accomplish it. This (Massive Action Plan) will be developed throughout the 7 days as you gain more and more awareness of your purpose. It is encouraged to keep revising this MAP daily so that you build greater values and expectations FROM yourself. This MAP will not includes your "shoulds" or "would be nice if's". Only write what you are afraid of, challenged by, willing to fail at but nonetheless never give up on, because you can FEEL it is your mission. Work the map until the vision becomes clear and you can see yourself as a character in the world you created. The map needs to correspond to your real life. The map grounds you to YOUR reality, this a safety precaution so that you do not get lost inside the game or in a previously created negative reality. The MAP is your bridge between the two worlds, the now and your soon to be manifested Future. Keep track of where you are going, what you are creating and who you are becoming. <insert how to create a map> Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go outside yourself looking for a successful person to imitate. 

  4. Focus, Discipline & the Time is NOW Pay special attention to the energy of each specific day, to stay on track, focus a good portion of your awareness towards the desired outcomes as outlined by each day. If it takes you more than one day to complete a lesson, consider focusing a greater amount of your energy towards the lesson, or otherwise consider taking a break from the challenge. If you are too distracted or not dedicated the 7 day challenge, you will not benefit the game nor will you benefit from it. The successful player is the average person with laser-like focus and swift action.


  5. Establish Connection One of the most important features of the 7 day
    challenge is to get connected to the synergic energy source. This is vaguely described, "when you can feel pushing and pulling, to and from, a positive energy source" When you give, you also feel the receiving at the same time. This relationship or connection is your life source in the game. Gratitude strengthens the connection, positive actions for others widens the flow of the reciprocity.


6. Awareness - You should also be able to differentiate, feel, and acknowledge when there is a heavier or darker energy connected or near you. You know the difference between your own negative darkness bubbling up inside, or when someone sneezes theirs on you. Your conscious awareness will be significantly increased, you will more often be able to see yourself from a higher perspective, able to analyze why you are acting one way or another. By day 7, you will be choosing how you want to ACT in each moment. Control your emotions or be consumed by them.

In Summary

With the successful completion of the 7 day challenge you will be adequately prepared to participate with other gamers. By having heightened awareness of yourself, as a conscious participant (and creator) in all your interactions, experiences and challenges, you will be able to play the game, inspired to learn though playing, while feeling every impacting stimulus as a opportunity to have fun, learn, grow, and help yourself as well as help others. I will win. We will win. Not immediately but definitely. 

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