Stormy Weather at the One Ring Circus

ARKEO1 The Cloud7/11/20


Stormy Weather at the One Ring Circus


“Amari it’s time to go!” yelled the Amazonian Circus Ring Leader.


Amari knew they were close to leaving and although she didn’t have many things to pack, she spent most of her time in another world. The only item she really loved was her large ring, which was part of her performance at the late night circus bonfire shows.


“AMAAAAAARRRRRRIIIII” after this scream, the massive Amazonian woman appeared thru the slit in Amari’s tent. When she stood up straight inside the tent, the whole thing slingshotted into the air because of her height.


Amari was still seated looking up at the Ring Leader’s red energy. Ungrounded again, angry and motivated by the fear of making it to the next show, on time.


A few stormy looking clouds passed through the bright sky. Amari sat calmly, still grounded even though her tent was disassembled almost immediately by rage.


“When are you going to start listening, the first time I say TIME to GO.” still huffing the Amazonian Ring Leader managed to articulate.


Almost without hesitation Amari responded, “When there is a reward for me to do it, on time”


Stunned by Amari’s courage to respond, Ring Leader shifted unbalanced because subordinate ring spinners usually surrendered to Ring Master’s rage.


The Ring Master quickly shape shifted the rage into evil manipulation and validations of offering Amari a job, food, protection and a community.

All the drama just sort of faded out of Amari’s reality, she was back home playing with bugs and chasing her friend around. He looked up at her and said, “This too shall pass” That was always his line. After the masking ceremony, the pain she endured, he told her with comfort in his voice, "this too shall pass."

After they grew out of childhood and fell in teenage love, instead of saying he loved Amari he would say, "This too shall pass."

What a cruel proclamation of love!  But Amari didn’t care. All that mattered were the few moment with what she had it understood as love. She had captured the love of Eli.

He was gone now, from this plane. He to, did pass. Just like he always said. She still missed him terribly and would visit with him here, in her head when ever life became to traumatic or dramatic. His love invoked a sense of peace and with remnants of what the love felt like. 


Clouds rolled into Amari’s world, the rain was no longer falling down, but floating up. The cloud were surrounding her feet, not one cloud in the sky, but covering the entire ground. There was no more ground to stand firm on. Eli was gone, no where to be found. The clouds started making Amari feel very unsafe.

She thought, “what if I fall through?”


In the same direction that the rain rose, Amari began to fall into the endless sky. Falling up at an incredibly intense speed knocked the wind from her lungs. No longer able to breathe, gasping for air, she plunged into a deep blue sea. This is where the rainfall had ended up.


Still no air, Amari begun to surrender to this death. She remembered, “This is always where I end up”


At the very last moment of consciousness, the very least moment before breathing in the water, a hand plunged through the darkness and death scooping Amari up.


“Common Amari! The time is Now, you’re Up! You are capable and competent! Get out there”


No lights on yet, the music started. Amari remembered who she was. Time to perform. It was time to play the part she knew how. Her ring in her hand, wet with flammable substance dripping next to her.


“Step out of the way Amari, its time to play” his voice spoke from the place deep inside her. Amari stepped out from behind the back curtain, dripping small trail behind her.

There she reached the center spotlight in the middle of the Circus. The tall Amazonian ring leader was standing outside of the very large tent, just at the opening. The fear was there, just incase she needed that motivating factor to perform.


She didn’t need it this time, though. She didn’t care about death, she almost just died. “Now is the time to take a separate path” the voice spoke deep from inside her heart.

Amari lit a match and touched it to the Ring to the fire. Almost instantaneously the whole ring ignited from left to right it connected stopping only because of the flameproof glove Amari wore.  The fire dance show started, mesmerizing the people who The Amazonian Ring Leader convinced to pay for the circus entertainment.

For an unmeasurable amount of time, Amari spun her flaming ring, dancing, and transitioning in her awareness to find the sacred pool. This pool, whenever, Amari reached it, would allow her to stop the trance dancing. The Spirit that would use her body as an instrument of fire, possessed her to perform, and only the sacred pool could put out the fire spell. Tiptoeing through the fire, the sacred pond called Amari to come close. Amari was only a little afraid of the pool, having come close to drowning, the memory was still pretty fresh to illicit the fear as real.

The pool whispered softly as Amari drew in closer. The pool whispered, “Denial is challenging to overcome when there is a reward for staying the same.”


Amari sat back on the shore to process this lesson, for it truly to crystalize, would only be through earning the wisdom inside it. The pool erupted one more phrase, “You have all that you need for the success that seeks you.”


A woman struggling in the pool of water appeared directly before Amari. Amari watched as the woman choked on her story about blaming God for putting the water there in her path, blaming her parents for not teaching her how to swim; distributing responsibility everywhere outside of herself, which was causing the water to pour into her lungs. Eventually, she fell under and the oasis pool was quiet again.


Amari was confused about her inaction to save the woman, “Pool, why did you drown this woman?”


The water replied, “ Why did you not save her?”


Amari thought briefly before answering, “She was in denial about her situation, she was drowning, her parents were not there, nor did you move to drown her, she fell in”


The pool just then, became very clear. Amari could see that the woman had ceased in her struggle, either she was dying or dead.


“Accept discomfort to see with clear eyes, soon, you’ll find the wondrous adventures awaiting. Step into magic.”


Amari felt very uncomfortable with this invitation to step into the pool. Not only did she have a experience of almost dying in water, she had just witnessed another person drown.


“And if I choose to see the Magic?” Amari questioned the pool one last time.


“If you choose the magic, you choose to take a risk. To make a change and take a different path, where the stormy weather stops showing up. You are capable and competent enough, what you have is what you need for the successes that seek you. Quickly! Gather information to recognize where you are at, and the best way to go elsewhere. You can't make a mistake now, you have the wisdom to arrive at the right decision. Great fortune awaits you, earned by weathering this lesson. Your world is the reflection of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Embody the love you wish to see in the world.”


The way the music lights and pressure made Amari’s body ignite into dance, something possessed her to dive straight down to the bottom of the clear sacred pool, grabbing the drown unconscious woman, and bringing her to the surface.


Dragging her on the shore brought Amari to a eerie position, realizing there she was, staring down at herself dead.


The clouds rolled in, this time from the sky and began to rain on Amari and herself.

Breathing deep into the woman until she began to choke up water. she was alive still! Now there was two of them.


In the past, for the show to end, Amari had to get into the pool and drown herself. That used to be the only way out of performing. She would pass out and that would be the end.


Now was the time to take the other path. This time, she wasn’t going out of the illusion, that way. A different way out this time appeared, “The trail of Fire” said the resuscitated woman.


Through the clouds and rain, Amari pushed back into the reality of the Circus Show. Still her body dancing and entertaining, she only had a short time chance to communicate and make her body catch the trail on fire.

“Common, you are capable and competent! Amari you are capable and competent! Capable! Competent! Do it! Lit the Trail of Fire. Light the distraction and get out!”


Like never before, the communication was crystal clear, and the body listened without even breaking the flow of the dance. The trail caught on fire, and followed the trail to the backstage curtains. The whole curtain caught fire where Amari had dumped the lighter fluid.


The Amazonian Ring Leader was gone almost instantly presumbly around the back stage to put out the fire. The front exit was blocked by all the attendees fleeing and fearing for their lives.


Instead of feeling disconnected and dissociated, Amari was crystal clear. The path of least resistance through the crowd appeared. Amari rushed through the throng of people that gathered outside the flaming circus tent. She did not look back or stop running until she reached the marketplace.


The marketplace was dark, no stores open and the stands closed up for the night. Amari decided to lay low for the night until she could buy a new outfit tomorrow. They had crossed into the land of the Virus a few weeks ago, which required everyone to wear a mask. This would serve Amari’s escape costume especially well.


The fight for her freedom had begun, to use her magic for something other than performing. The mask of denial ripped off, and the wash of victimhood by the sacred pool.

This was a different life now, with no obvious guidelines. The fear of the unknown, arrived and attached itself to Amari. This darkness couldn’t land on Amari before because the Amazonian protected her performers from its dangerous parasitic nature. Eli’s voice showed up to ward it off, “This to shall Pass, This to shall pass, This to shall pass”


Amari curled up inside the doorstep of the clothing shop and drifted off into sleep seeking to capture Eli’s love again.