Warrior Archetype

Why does the game start every player as the Warrior first?

The warrior is an archaic archetype embedded deep within our souls. When we imagine a Warrior most of us think of a hero. The warrior escapes from a confining environment (sound familiar?) and begins a journey in search of a better story, a rewarding fight, a meaningful life. Of course this is not just given, heroes must have the courage to pursue such high ideals, so much so, they are willing to risk their lives to defend their vision.

The Warrior must learn and embody the 7 Virtues 

The Warrior lives by and when necessary fights for these values even when doing so may seem hopeless. Never-the-less, they live by these commitments, claiming their power in the world, and making it a better place, safer from dragons, demons and shadows, all of humanity faces. 

These warriors become our heroes. They face the darkness, and show us how and when to fight. Their courage, discipline and skill motivate us to adopt this first character without much persuasion. Becoming the warrior is seemingly a good first place to start, since the game will require much discipline, courage, and endurance to go on, day after day. 

Embody the Warrior's Way. Understand the enemy, accept the Warrior's journey from shadow fighting, the calling, level 1, level 2, and level 3; climb the ranks and stand among some of the most powerful, disciplined, virtuous players.

 Dragons, Enemies, and Fears oh my!

The Warrior myth tells a story of courage and struggle to overcome evil and darkness. This is engrained in all the great stories of Warriors that faced the dragon, the evil Lord or forces of darkness and oppressive circumstances. Within this story, the warrior not only frees themselves but usually involves saving those who are weaker and need rescuing. The warrior myth acknowledges that evil, injustice and dishonesty do exist. As the calling evolves, if nobody else will step up, that the Warrior within must show up, take a stand and fight for what is right. If the warrior is skilled in the 7 Virtues plus courage, discipline and can enlist enough support, darkness can and will be transformed. "The Calling" is the first initiation of the Warrior and poses a great challenge, obstacle, or fear that takes courage to stand up against.

Shadow Side 

When the darkness overtakes the Warrior; primitive, unpleasant and unproductive actions hold their reality hostage. This Shadow fighter has a ruthlessness and unprincipled approach to win over consciousness and obsessively destroy via conquest for power and extermination of all alternative view points. We see this in scripts of the Warrior's that constantly engages in meaningless battles, in an effort to prove their dominance. Other wounded warrior's sink into cynicism, unwilling and unable to see any other perspective; taking all disagreements into battle as if their life depended on it. The most serious repercussions of the hero/villain/victim plot creates scenarios that the warrior feeds their need to be heroic with wars, poverty and oppression.

All of the shadow Warrior's scripts stem from negative, which causes avoidance of their greatest fear; powerlessness, impotence, ineptitude or losing. The so-called Warriors are not Warrior's at all, but Orphans, trying their best to control others, which elevates a false sense of control. Any Warrior struggling with these symptoms of power and control should consider playing the The Orphan (which increases empathy) and The Innocent (relieve cynicism) before continuing to play the Warrior. 

A critical choice must be made between virtuous and shadow. Are you a Warrior or a Villain?

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