Warrior Day 1 Integrity

Integrity is telling yourself the truth, where as honesty is telling your truth to other people. Integrity is choosing your actions, based on your values. With Integrity you have nothing to fear, since you are not hiding from anything. You know you will do the right thing, because you know the cost of guilt. The shadow side of the Integrity card is guilt. Work backwards from guilt until you understand your values and practice fighting from the place of Integrity. 

How valuable is Integrity to you? Write about the first (or anytime) that you felt Integrity pulse through your veins.

Remember and write a time that Integrity saved you in battle?

How has someone else's integrity impacted your reality? Did you react negatively or positively to the impact.

Whoever is careless with the truth inside themselves cannot be trusted with speaking the truth to others. Therefore, wisdom and experience creates the path of the warrior, carrying Integrity the warrior always takes the higher wiser road. So do the best you can, until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better. The challenge Integrity poses,  is knowing your values. The test of Integrity is, do you uphold your values because you are watching yourself? 

To be completely within Integrity to yourself, please take inventory of your life. Any guilt must be surrendered and forgiven before carrying Integrity with you. Come into peace, and cease to act out in ways that are not in alignment with your values.  



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