ARKEO1 is the creative child of Ariel Gail and Zon Carvalho. These two artist met in Summer of 2013 on the set of a photoshoot for Zongear.


Since 2013, the two built a trust and friendship that would lay the foundation for the Love that blossomed after hardships, pain, and loneliness of self evolution.

ARKEO1 has been a dream that tried to push into reality by both Zon and Ariel, and only from the loving bond between masculine and feminine energy was ARKEO1 was created.


The spirit of this brand is focused on personal responsibility and life changing belief systems. We believe that Strength comes from within, and although we can borrow energy, motivation, courage, and strength from outside ourselves; in the end, it comes down to the individual's desire to evolve, to perform, to choose Love over Fear and commit to a conscious Life.  It is our commitment and personal mission to share with you all the ways to THRIVE in your life, rather than just survive...

We will never guarantee that evolution will be easy, or even fun. In fact, the battles you face, may feel as though you are all alone and you cannot carry on. Which is why we created ARKEO1, to give you the strength to Fight for your dreams, and to know WE too, made a decision to RISE up out of fear and suffering. 

The process of creating ARKEO1 is and continues to be challenging everyday! We bravely decided to follow our dreams. We practice defending ourselves against the Resistance; that whispers the lies and fears. We fight to believe in our Dream! To bring a clothing brand to the world that truly has power and meaning behind it. 

We stand behind our products. We believe in the power they have. We have faith in our stories, words, wisdom, art, and apparel; that all of it has the potential to impact you, because of how it has impacted us. From our Hearts to yours, we welcome you to the world of ARKEO1

Defend against resistance, Fight to Thrive!