Adapt & Overcome Unisex T-shirt


The Knives in the Skulls represents confusion; a bad relationship, an addiction, an obsession, a depression. The Knife gets in the way of creating a peaceful, joyful, loving life. You know something is wrong; but getting out of the situation seems like you would not survive. The Skulls in this design, speak two words of encouragement: "Adapt" and "Overcome" 
They speak these words with warning(?), that you too will perish should you not pull the Knife out of your head. 
You will have to Overcome your Fears. You will have to adapt in your situations, be uncomfortable, run or leave, be hungry, tired, or alone; and you will Adapt to whatever situations are next. You will Overcome the pain and suffering of where you are now, so you can become what you will be next. 

Wisdom: My suffering is not in vain. Remove these knives from my situation so that I may see clearly. I will Adapt. I will Overcome.

Style—Unisex Soft T-Shirt 60/40 Cotton/Polyester Blend
Print—Front- 2 Pink Skulls with Sword running through symbolizing the fight and the struggle yet each skull has a saying in it's mouth, "Adapt" and "Overcome"
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