Warrior Training Shirt
Warrior Training Shirt
Warrior Training Shirt

Warrior Training Shirt

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Courage, above all things, is the character of a Warrior in Training; and every great warrior must learn to endure and overcome the adversities of life. A warrior-in-training takes responsibility for their emotions, behaviors, actions and reactions. Just as an average human reacts with fear and emotional volatility and does not take ownership for what happens; life manifests their chaos and confusion-a war, a fight to survive. 

A warrior in training goes above and beyond the primal emotional response systems.

They commit to a lifelong upkeep of their inner temple (mental emotional physical balance) The allies of Love accompany Warrior over time, assisting when called upon, for battles improving awareness and connection. While the enemies and fears, hijack for darkness, confusion and control.  Evaluate the Light and Dark Influences on your Life. What strengthens you? What makes you weaker? 

The Warrior in Training recognizes every imminent challenge for opportunities to learn and strengthen the Will.

The icy blue color vibrations and simplicity of design does not draw attention itself as much as the Warrior Presence that wears the design. The blue may increase your ability to communicate genuinely in every moment. A fight worth battling for... authenticity. 



"Everlasting training

I am a Warrior

I choose when, where, and how I am,

With that responsibility in mind

I dedicate my life to


 And the Disciplines 

that increase my Lightness of Heart"




Style— Deep V Neck sleeveless slightly curved hem Light Blue Color 65% Polyester 35% Cotton

Print—Small Arkeo1 Icon on the left chest