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Oh my gosh - LOVE them!! I wore them today for the first time. So comfy but still with compression. Love the feel and the length. And I read the story behind the amethyst and damn is that fitting for me. ♥️ I’ll be adding more of your designs to my wardrobe for sure.


The leggings are sooooo soft!! Literally like butter! Same with the matching bra. They are so damn soft and cozy! In addition, they are Eco - friendly and that is something that is very important with our consumer growing age. These also keep all the goods in when you are working out and i have yet to feel like they are stretching even a little!

Keria S.

These are my favorite pair of leggings now! I was a little nervous at first because I'm more towards the curvy side but when I put them on it was like butter! They fit perfect and I got the .. size. The material is so soft and felxible, stay in place. I don't want to wear anything else. These are perfect! The pattern is so unique and being made with recycled plastic bottles theres nothing out there to top these!

Amanda P.