Black & White Collection


The Black & White Collection emerges from a darkness; as most of us collectively experienced 2020 as a challenging and frightening time. Personally and professionally many of us suffered loss and darkness. Nothing is more terrifying then the instability of nations along with health fears, social isolation, political and racial divides. 

It's difficult to "stay positive" and see the light in life, when things all around are falling apart. In theory, these dark times enlighten us to the fact that we are all human. We all share these same fears and anxieties, human emotions and our responses to these discomforts show us the dark side of ourselves. Who you think you are and how you act when you are comfortable and safe turns out to be a facade of who you become when you are angry and afraid. However, no one is judging, or at least they shouldn't...because we are all on a journey to further enlightenment, peace and freedom from suffering. Each of us start from a different place, and while we might not "behave" appropriately under stress, it certainly gives us a chance to review who we think we are and *hopefully undergo self improvement. 

2020, (I don't know about you) but truthfully a rough start to 2021 has left many of us exhausted, depressed, anxious and just over it. But these dark times, they do not last. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The hope and the search for this light may be the one thing that drives us forward through the darkness. 

It may not be obvious from the outside that the "Black & White" collection means anything, but it most certainly does. The black, the darkness, the tunnel of despair and fear holds a place for the White, the light at the end of the tunnel. And while Hope is a slippery substance, in some circumstances it's all we have

There's a quote that seems fitting, "Sometimes to find the light, you have to go through the deepest darkness"

When you've experienced a truly terrifying darkness, once again in the light, you can truly appreciate the challenge, accept what it could teach you; even though terribly painful, heartbreaking, humiliating, but also humbling...that darkness, that black hole of pain and fear is where the light pours in, to heal and transform a place that no longer serves your new Enlightened Existence. 


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