Warrior Way Day 7 LOYALTY

People are not loyal to you, but they are loyal to their need for you. Once people's needs change, so does their loyalty. Accept this statement as the nature of 95% of your interactions, take notice of the 5% who emit loyalty. 

Do not ever once become threatened or emotional about the nature and understanding of this relationship, in fact what you may discover or decide, is that the only loyalty you will commit to, is to Yourself.

The development of virtuous loyalty grows and reaches beyond what is *needed from the Warrior (to fight fears for others), it becomes the Warrior's unconditional promise (loyalty) to bring Peace to everyone encountered. 

As a practicing Warrior, you will feel the stronger connection to your higher power. This giving energy, once received by you as trusted through consistent messages and reciprocating actions, will allow you to unconditionally and unwavering serve your mission. Creating a fulfilling experience guided by Yourself. 


Imagine if, one day, you decide or are redirected to serve another purpose, one that is not in alignment to Yourself. Can you imagine the pain you will cause Yourself? Perhaps, this has happened to you before?

What do the feelings of disloyalty accumulate into?

Where in your life have you be disloyal to your true self's calling?

Falling out of alignment and the havoc it wrecks on your life is clear evidence of disloyalty. Additionally, letting yourself down, feels like a wound that is unable to be healed, until some reverence is paid.

Loyalty offers the Warrior freedom from confusion. When you know where your loyalty resides (within Yourself) you can not be confused by, or manipulated by another's intentions.

If and when it becomes apparent that your loyalty to Yourself, is hurting Yourself or others, you must accept and acknowledge the possibility of your inflexibility or negative word creation from darkness. There are times in your life that you will need to rewrite where your Loyalty resides. 

Do not be ashamed of losing loyalty to certain non-serving things.

Just because you have been disloyal to Yourself or others in your lifetime does not mean that you cannot learn this Virtue.

If you have failed to show up in the times in your life with Truth from Yourself, then this lesson is an opportunity for you to create and learn the power of Loyalty. 

The loyalty is the bonding energy that protects you. When you commit a strong loyalty to Yourself, trusting your own words, you are able to accept the consequences of your actions with acknowledgment and understanding.

Loyalty is essential to strengthening this relationship with Yourself. The ability to unconditionally believe in Yourself, trust, listen to your own guiding power to direct life and answer your questions, requires the relinquishing of doubt. If you doubt a person's loyalty, can they ever truly be trusted until they have proven their loyalty? The doubting of Yourself disengages Loyalty's power, completely

Loyalty puts the finishing touches on the foundation, building off of all the other virtues. Loyalty requires the courage to stand up, when everyone else is sitting down. Compassion and respect to those who remain sitting. Courage to speak honestly and with integrity about the contrast of sitting vs. standing. Finally, loyalty is worth dying for, and in many stories a Warrior dies with their Loyalty in tact, making his/her Words, immortal. Their Truth lives on, beyond death. The belief was so strongly bonded to their Truth, not even death could manage to tempt the Warrior to exchange loyalty to their belief (at the cost of death) for living at the cost of disgracing their Truth.

These Warrior's are rare and yet their legacy's live on thousands of years beyond their death. These stories and their powerful words strike belief into many people who read them. When you are able to see from this perspective, how powerful Loyalty is to the Warrior, you will understanding that crafting a Loyalty to Yourself is a powerful defensive Warrior stance. Because you will understand that this Loyalty protects you, even beyond your Death, you are free from Fear. This freedom allows miraculous realms to be revealed, where your words, become your creations. 

The loyalty of the ARKEO1 Warrior is to live such a life that inspires others to also seek their highest Truest version of self. ARKEO1 Warrior's loyalty of this virtuous path is performed with highest integrity, compassion, courage, and respect in the world.

Whether this path is learned by playing the ARKEO1 Game, or another method to virtuous thoughts, beliefs, actions, and behaviors, the Warrior is loyal to the mission; peace to everyone, service of fighting fears for those who cannot fight for themselves. 

It is the Warrior's mission to bring this service to any and all who meet them for their expertise. It is the warrior's job to slay this person's fear and illuminate the darkness, so the trapped can see; there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The Warrior must bring this truth to the World, despite the people's wavering loyalty to this Truth. The Warrior is Loyal in spreading the Fight 2 Thrive message.

The way to thrive, is to empower Yourself. Create a loyalty to Yourself. Teach to those willing to learn, how to thrive. Empower them, to create connection and Loyalty within. 

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