How Far Will You Go? How Long will you Last?



When the snake appears do not be fearful! Although it may startle you, know that the snake is an important messenger. In many cultures, it is revered as a powerful totem representing life force and primal energy. Meditate on emotions and beliefs that may need transmutation, pay attention to important transitions (like a snake shedding its skin), and anticipate the increasing energy. 

The quote on the shirt, "How far will you go? How long will you Last? Is posed as a question to encourage the wearer and viewers of the shirt to think about what they are willing to do to accomplish their life's goals. Create energy, activate intuition, follows your dreams!

Wisdom: “Embrace the challenges of life’s lessons, which are presented as a test, whether to reject fears and reprogram outdated belief systems, so that you can transmute once negative, painful energy into lightness, balance, and Power"  



Style—Racerback Tank, wide bell bottom 60/40 Cotton/Polyester Blend

Color—Black Front Red Ribbing, Red Back

Print—Front “How far will you go? How long will you Last? Wrapped around Arkeo1 Icon Kundalini Snake Intertwined within