Siddhi Discipline - Unisex Tank Top


Wearing the Siddhi Discipline is a declaration of accomplishment or attainment in self-control. 

The grounded Arkeo must send connection down (the two feet of the Arkeo symbol), in order to grow up. The ability to root down and establish a firm foundation initiates the process of rising up in consciousness. 

Discipline is required to be exercised in red states. Practice, routines, and rituals can bring clarity and safety to individuals experiencing the red state. Mastering the disciplined programming results in the ability to feel farther into enlightened consciousness.

"Discipline is conscious actions or inactions, that is regulated, to be in alignment with a positive unconscious programming" 

Red tank top 60/40 cotton/polyester blend unisex fit 
Printed large on the front is Discipline Arkeo1
Small print on nape of the neck 
Arkeo1 icon.