The MAP (Massive Action Plan)

The Map is the foundational part of the Game. There are necessary aspects of drawing your own map, but as you will come to find out there are many intuitive ways to explore what will make your map unique. Your map will differ from other players, but as you connect deeper to Yourself and observation of other player's, the integration will surely change and possibly improve how you choose to play. When you meet another ARKEO1 Game Player, be sure to compare and contrast your Map!

The first layer of the MAP is called the Grounding Level, you will need to fill in the four corners with the EMOTIONS you desire to feel. (hint: you can plan your emotions each day or leave them blank and let reactionary emotions play for you)

  • You can plan your emotions out the day before, and see how well you stay inside the new feelings boundary.
  • How many times do you fall off your map this week?
  • If you let reactions write your emotional map, how does it look at the end of each day?
  • Without any instructions or hesitation you tell Yourself to write down how you would like to FEEL when you are on this MAP. 

That MAP serves as a communication tool between you (mental) and Yourself (physical). When Yourself (physical) gets lost in Reality, and cannot find the guidance, hear or see which way to go, the foundational four corners of the map are the anchors, "cheat codes" for you to remember and seek out these four totem feelings.

At this point in the journey, you probably have chosen either consciously or unconsciously how you would like to feel each day. Day after day you see, think and then feel the same way. This same way makes you feel tired, drained, hopeless, pathetic, failing, etc you know the feelings of Negativity. Since you are drawing your own MAP of your own experience, you must learn how to choose what you want to feel, and know why you want to feel that way.

A spiritual way would make a good case for you choosing to feel; joyful, peaceful, loving, and grateful, a MAP with this type of foundation creates a different experience inside the Game and in Reality. As you would imagine, creating a MAP anchored in accumulation, safety, power, and selfishness, would create the Reality of Capitalism, the game most of us are currently participating in. Alternatively, the reactionaries never have a plan, they always over react.

Are you sick of playing this Game? What if it is the only game you knew how to play? 

Here is a chance NOW to spend some time with yourself and contemplate truly how is it that you want to feel, and is it in your best interests to feel this way?

Draw on totem poles in the four corners of the map and ground yourself into each feeling you want to lead your life with.

It is important to draw this MAP, for real, so you will remember it, learn to choose these new ways to feel in every moment. Put it in your pocket, take it everywhere you go, incase you get lost. 

If/When you get lost, you will no longer feel good or in accordance with the Map inside your totem poles, you can take a quick look at you MAP, check in with how you want to feel vs. how you are feeling (opposite). There is no need for judgement of the discrepancy, if and when you fall off your newly drawn MAP, you need to quickly, get back on, and get back to playing on the MAP.


In the comments section: become courageous, share what previous MAP you unconsciously drew for yourself, anchored in negative emotions. Let Truth possess you to recognize and share where you ended up as a result of your reactionary decisions. Your words may serve as a one lesson to someone else, that doesn't have to be learned the hard way. Are there any conscious individuals out there able, willing to articulate their emotional stories, and the lessons learned?

In the comments section: Questions about the Map? 

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