All Aboard the THRIVESHIP!

ARKEO1 Apparel is proud to launch the THRIVESHIP program: You will receive 3 FREE styles of leggings, one per month, for three months. 

We are looking for real life super women; that are not in the spotlight, but fighting like hell behind the scenes. We want to coach you from surviving to thriving with the power of ARKEO1. 

Once accepted into the THRIVESHIP program; you will be expected to complete weekly coaching sessions to discuss/held accountable to your goals within the 4 quadrants of growth. Physical, Spiritual, Relational, and Financial.

As a part of the THRIVESHIP program, you will be coached to share part of your story (that you're comfortable with) on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube while wearing/tagging ARKEO1 Apparel. We want you to show WHO you are, and WHAT you are creating. We want other women to see, feel and hear the transformation of surviving to thriving. When women who are struggling, see another woman strengthening, the chances that she will stand up is multiplied! Set a positive example of what a confident, courageous, strong, #FIGHT2THRIVE woman looks like. 


How to apply:

Send your written application to:


Make a private youtube video recording and share the link:

Please include the following in your application:

  • name
  • birthday mm/dd/yyyy
  • what you do for work
  • what you love to do:passions/hobbies/dreams
  • what struggles you have overcome previously
  • when you began your fitness journey
  • where are you in your fitness journey right now
  • what are your current life struggles
  • what do you want from this life



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