Medusa Chapter 1

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“My dear friend Medusa, can you even imagine, what it would feel like to be ugly to all these people? How miserable would your life be then?” Medusa scoffed, “oh Athena, how little you understand what it is like, to be so beautiful and have to fight off men all the time" Athena chuckled at Medusa’s naivety, because in fact Athena the Goddess of war was especially skilled at defending and fighting men. 

The Benefits of Gratitude

Why GRATITUDE Shirts?? We made them so that when you wear them, you remember to be grateful. The first thing you put on in the morning is gratitude! We made them so they will empower your thoughts and actions. AND you get to share that powerful emotion with everyone you encounter. Lets spread this power! Create a happier place to live! We are on a mission at ARKEO1 To empower, Strengthen our friends to live a happier life! We Love you!  

Zack Taylor

 "Hone your craft, take your art to the point where it is good, and then push past it, make it better. Never Settle. My art is never the same as it was two years ago, because that would mean, I haven’t evolved. Always Evolve" -Zack Taylor

Podcast with MMA Fighter Ian Butler

Podcast with Ian Butler. He is a pro fighter with Bellator MMA, a husband and inspirational interview guest! Ian shares about his challenging childhood and how resilience and mindset brought him to triumph on the pro level circuit in MMA.