What is Nutritional Coaching?

A nutrition coach acts as a knowledgeable guide to provide resources and facts about nutrition, but they also help a client apply the information to their lives. Each client, their health status, and their goals are unique and an experienced nutrition coach can tailor nutrition plans to meet those individual needs.
  • Provides general nutrition information about the role of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins
  • Shares latest research about nutrition and health changes in the scientific community: regarding absorption effect, or use of macronutrients or micronutrients for normal, healthy individuals
  • Discuss information, advice, tips, or research about effective behavioral change strategies to reach physical and nutritional goals

A nutrition coach also helps the client apply the information to their lives in a way that is practical, safe, and easy to follow. What is required is not simply changing eating habits but rather modifying behaviors, and this is often not taken into the larger picture when attempting to achieve nutrition and physical change. This may include the way a client thinks about food, the function of food in their lives, their attitudes towards specific types of food, and their relationship with food in general.

  • Identify and acknowledge behavior needing modification - behavior modification goals
  • Understand and overcome barriers to success
  • Accountability to practice the behavior changes assigned
  • Support during the practice of and maintenance until client masters personal accountability 

Nutrition coaching empowers clients to take responsibility for their own health by providing resources and nutritional advice as well as coaching the non-dietary aspects of their lifestyle. The goal of a nutrition coach is to teach clients how to be successful and self-sufficient. 

>>>>>Nutritional Questionnaire for Prospective Client<<<< 


What Nutrition Coaching is NOT:

  • Does not allow diagnoses, treatment, or prescription of nutrition for illnesses of health conditions
  • Does not prescribe medical nutrition therapy
  • Does not diagnose or treat eating disorders or body dysmorphia
  • Does not offer treatment advice for medical conditions
  • Does not offer treatment advice for any mental health condition

Proper Liscensed Professional for Referrals may be offered when Nutrition Coach feels client is beyond the scope of their legal abilities. 

Disordered Eating Therapist, Psychologist, and clinical social worker who specialized in eating disorders  
Digestive Issues Gastroenterologist
High Blood Pressure Physician or cardiologist
Food Allergies Allergist or Physician
Diabetes Endocrinologist
Thyroid Issues Endocrinologist
Sinus Issues Physician or ear, nose, and throat specialist